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Welcome using HayGo Smart Gateway to visit website. Everyone using HayGo need read the following CLAIMS in detail. HayGo provides its services to you subject to the following Terms.

+ User has right not to use HayGo Gateway to visit website. We assume you agree the following terms if you are using HayGo gateway to visit website.

+ HayGo Gateway is a smart gateway between mobile terminal and Internet.

+ HayGo Gateway doesn't delivery content service. It's only responsible to transfer user request and change web page to new format, witch is fit to mobile terminal.

+ HayGo Gateway doesn't warrant security, validity, correct. And HayGo isn't charged in any responsibilities for content.

+ If company or user assumes HayGo is harming its right, please formally informs us in time. At the same time, please provide materials which can identify you and prove your assumption. Once we receive the materials, we will remove the information immediately.

+ Any web site who doesn't want to be linked in HayGo home page please inform us in time. We will remove the link.

Beijing Bridge Technology Ltd.
Tel(Fax): +86-10-87310778
e-Mail: service@HayGo.com

HayGo Home [Refresh][Image]

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